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Let us make you feel at home in Secondlife

RVR is about Community

We are a small group of people who like to be creative,meet people and help out.
Our newest niche is Refuge Village Rentals, where we want to create a home for people in Secondlife.

A home with nice homes, good pricing, privacy, but also nice conversations. Great dancing and meet all kind of good people!


Our skyboxes are themed. That doesnt mean you need to have the left over if the best are already rented…. We can set one up to your liking up for you. No problem! As said: We like to meet you and help you out.


We tried to be different. Therefor we decorated the land already to see what is possible.

Feel free to take it easy and leave the -not cheap- house and furniture out and add your own items to it.
But! Renting it, this is YOUR land. As is the sky above it. If you want to get creative yourself and don’t want to use the items on the land…. Thats fine too. As long as you stay within the tropical theme on the ground.

About Us

Refuge Village Rentals.

We are a small compagny, who passionatly built and rent out homes in Secondlife.
We value respect, relaiability and good communication. We love to help people. Actually that’s why we started this venture!

We are not out there for huge profits. No, we are in it for creating a fun place, the meet and greet and make people happy. Will you be joining us?


We are just one notecard, IM or email away: