Refuge Village Rentals, Biddlemania, Luxora, Mystical Stardust and Nick Nack love to present their Valentine Hunt! Starting from 1 to 25 February 2024 your 21 FREE gifts all over the place are waiting! Come come and grab them at Refuge Village Rentals, while they are out!

So what do you need to do to get all these wonderfull items?
Use the url to go to the start of the hunt. You startingpoint will be a number of Portals. These portals, which you can walk through, bring you to the several levels where all the gifts are hidden. Look for the Romantic Cupcake in the picture above, which contains a free gift. Collect all gifts by clicking the Cupcake. NO grouptag needed. How easy can it be! And oh the fun!

Love is in the air! We hope you will bring your sweetheart to enjoy some special time at the several places…. To dance, enjoy the sunset or just cuddle up -Yes, you can cuddle up everywhere and there is a full dancesystem- after you grabbed the gifts. That would make us happy 🙂 But no must. It is a free world after all!

Some items can be gotten solely and exclusively at the hunt. After that, some of them will be sold at Nick Nack. So if you not able to make it…. Well you need to pay for it… Either by missing out on getting your hands on a wonderfull item or handing over lindens…

And did we mention that gifts might be rezzed at the hunting area already for you to see what you get? Also an impression of the hunting grounds in the pictures below… So! you better come and have a look from1 to 25 February and start hunting your FREE amazing gifts!

  • All places accessible by portals have hidden one or several gifts. How many will be indicated by the sign at the level. In total there are 21 gifts to be found. Enjoy your treasure hunting!
  • TAXI to START of the December Hunt 2023